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How it works

Registering to use Katie's Classroom entitles you to a free trial. Your child can log in to watch a series of tutorials lasting 3-4 minutes each, complete a worksheet, and watch a lesson summary, which goes through further examples. You can subscribe at any time to access all areas of Katie's Classroom.

Each registered user will have a unique username and password, and within their account each child an individual profile page. Here, they will love choosing a personal avatar and be able to see how many tutorials they have watched and worksheets they have completed.

Each video tutorial page has a Parent Tab, which shows extended tutorial information. Simply use your username and password to unlock the worksheet answers, to view on screen or print out.

Stage 1

Choose a subject, year group, topic and lesson then start watching a tutorial. For example, ‘Finding fractions of quantities’.

Stage 2

If still a little unsure you can look at further examples in Katie’s lesson summary whiteboard-style tutorials, which show further practical application of the topic covered.

Stage 3

Complete the written worksheets. Parents have access to the answers.

Making it easy

Katie's Classroom is easy to use for parents and children. Once you've logged in, your child can work through the tutorials independently or alongside you, and can see their progress instantly.

Getting it right

The great thing about Katie's Classroom is that Katie shows you how and talks you through subject areas and topics. Katie’s Classroom is all about learning through seeing and doing, not just playing or practising like other educational video sites.

Being able to refer back to completed tutorials is also a great way to revise concepts when preparing for entrance exams. No need to sweat over homework or revision! Katie’s Classroom is something that can be dipped into as well as helping to concentrate on a specific area of learning. Watch Katie’s tutorials as many times as you like and use the worksheets to help reinforce your understanding.

All data is kept private and parents can easily review progress each time they log in.