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Katie’s pick of the week: Aquila magazine


It’s not often that I get a chance to read at night before my eyes feel so heavy or one of the children wakes up!  However, I recently treated myself to The Week so that I could reacquaint myself with the world news.  The great thing about The Week is that it’s news and current affairs articles are bite-sized, more digestible chunks of news that don’t require as much concentration or brain power as a broadsheet – the perfect magazine for me!  Anyway, whilst reading, an advert caught my eye calling for “Inspiring Children!”  The advert was referring to Aquila magazine, a monthly educational magazine (subscription only) aimed at children aged between 8 and 12.  Chock full of factual pieces, puzzles, quizzes, stories and fun activities, Aquila is pitching to children at an altogether different level from the newsagent ‘free toy’ style magazines.

With my teacher’s hat on, Aquila seems a great way of sharing knowledge and getting involved in your child’s learning.  This looks to be a magazine, which could really help challenge and extend your child beyond the usual comics and magazines.  It is a bit text heavy but just like my copy of The Week, I think that this could easily be a magazine for your child that could be picked up whenever it suits.  Almost like a downstairs loo mag!  Now there’s an idea – a magazine that both you and your child could enjoy.  How about reading out the fun facts at bath time or discussing one of the factual pieces over supper together?  A great challenge for your child (and you!) this weekend – order a copy of Aquila.  Bound to be fun as well as educational!

Check out Aquila Magazine – www.aquila.co.uk