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Katie’s Pick of the week: ‘What Every Parent Needs to Know’


I spent a lovely morning with my Mum and children this week.  We even managed to sit in a coffee shop for more than 10 minutes without one of the boys spinning out and so with our new found smugness, we decided to venture into one of our local bookshops to round off the outing!  Such a lovely little shop stuffed full of all different types of books and with a shop owner who obviously adores reading, eager to share her knowledge of all the books she stores.  Between my eldest having a ‘moment’ and chatting to the bookshop owner, I managed to spot this little gem, “What Every Parent Needs To Know”- How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Primary School” by Toby Young and Miranda Thomas.  With a title like that, I had to pick it up!

In our busy lives we may not have the time to read every page of this one cover to cover but I think that it holds some useful tips and strategies that would be extremely helpful to those with children in the primary and prep school years.  As Toby Young and Miranda Thomas explain, “Our aim is to help parents of primary school children understand what it is their children are learning in the classroom and what they can do at home to help.”  “Perfect”, I thought: my mission at Katie’s Classroom exactly.  To my mind, anything that helps you find out more about what your child’s learning is bound to be good.  Not only does the book discuss the principle areas covered in English and Maths but it goes on to explain other subject areas too such as History and Geography.  Perhaps one of their best sections added to each chapter is ‘what you can do to help’.  Here the book offers a wide variety of ideas on how you can help extend your child’s thinking or increase their confidence in a subject.  From fun fraction games and how to help when teaching time, there’s something here in each section that could be taken away and used with little effort to the parent.  Some sections of the book make for longer reading than others but on the whole I would say that this is one worth having a thumb through.

Barnes Bookshop – “What Every Parent Needs To Know”- How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Primary School” by Toby Young and Miranda Thomas.