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Need help getting to grips with fractions? Want to improve mental maths strategies? Perhaps you’re looking for an extra challenge to improve your maths skills? Katie’s Classroom is here to help. With step-by-step tutorials that cater for all abilities, I can show you how to tackle those tricky maths topics, help answer homework questions or put you through your paces with an extra challenge.

Katie’s Classroom covers an extensive range of Mathematics for children in Year 4.

With areas covered such as:

•  Addition
•  Subtraction
•  Division
•  Multiplication
•  Place value
•  Decimals
•  Fractions
•  Number work
•  Money
•  Mass
•  Length
•  Area and Perimeter
•  Capacity and Volume
•  Angles
•  Data handling
•  Time
•  2D and 3D shapes
•  Mental strategies
•  Solving puzzles
•  Problem solving
•  Real life word problems


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