Spelling Cards are coming soon!


We have been working really hard on a full range of spelling cards for parents and teachers with children in Reception all the way up to Year 6.

The cards will cover all of the main spelling requirements and targets for your child's year group. As we all know, English spellings can be notoriously difficult. The same sound can be spelt several different ways, such as ‘wait’ and ‘weight’, and words that are spelt the same way such as ‘weight’ and ‘height’ are pronounced differently.

There are some rules that can help guide us on how to spell groups of words and perhaps why they are spelt that way, but there are also quite a lot of exception words that simply don’t follow the rules and need to be learnt by heart.

The more your children practise and the more they read, the more they will become familiar with spellings. It’s also worth remembering that in Reception and Year 1 for example children are generally taught to write phonetically, i.e. have a go at writing words as they hear them. If your child writes ‘choklut’ instead of ‘chocolate’ try not to worry too much. It’s important at this stage that they write down words as they hear them, and spellings will follow later.

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Thank you and I can't wait for you to see them!

Love, Katie. xx