Years 5-6 English Bundle

Years 5-6 English Bundle




Years 5-6 English Bundle

In this bundle you will receive a little box of Years 5-6 Reading and Writing Cards and a little box of Years 5-6 Grammar and Punctuation English Revision Cards. The cards cover all of the most important terminology and skills in Grammar, Punctuation, Reading and Writing.

The Grammar and Punctuation topics include: Root words, Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs: active and passive, Modal verbs, Adverbs, Adverbials, Capital letters, Prepositions, Exclamation and question marks, Connectives, Prefixes, Suffixes, Commas, Apostrophes: contracted/possession, Colons, Semicolons, Pronouns: possessive and relative, Conjunctions: subordinate conjunctions, Main clauses, Relative clauses, Subordinate clauses, Simple sentences, Compound sentences, Complex sentences, Simple past tense, Parenthesis, Speech: direct and indirect, Hyphens and dashes and Brackets.

The Reading and Writing topics include: Similes, Metaphors, Alliteration, Personification, Antonyms, Synonyms, Onomatopoeia, Homophones, Setting descriptions, Character descriptions, Using senses in your writing, Varying sentence opening, Structuring your writing effectively, Reading comprehensions, PEE paragraphs, CAP, Proofreading, Themes in writing, Dictionaries and thesauruses, Explanation texts, Writing an instruction, Writing an article: journalistic writing, Writing a guide: persuasive writing, Debating, Facts and opinions, Poetry, Recount writing and Letters.

The cards will help you understand how your child is being taught in the classroom. The cards are clear, concise and packed with information.

I’m a parent, teacher and tutor and they’ve been made with love to support you as parents. The cards will help your child revise a tricky concept, build their confidence and help them prepare for an important exam.

The best thing about these cards is that they’re pocket size so sling them in your bag and whip them out when you need them. I know they will help you!


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