About Katie


Katie is a mum of four and the founder of Katie’s Classroom, a successful education and mental health and emotional well-being company.  Katie has a passion for helping parents help their children and since launching she has helped over 40,000 families support their children both academically and emotionally. 

Katie, a qualified teacher, offers an extensive library of Maths and Phonics videos on her online tutoring website (www.katiesclassroom.com) and has a wide range of revision and mental health flashcards for children, teenagers and adults (here).  Katie’s cards have been bought by parents, teachers, therapists, counsellors, carers, foster parents, schools, boroughs and NHS Trusts – you probably know someone that has bought her cards! 

Katie’s inspiration comes from her children, most notably her eldest son Sebastian (‘Bass’), who is dyslexic and autistic.  She understands what it’s like to have an SEN (special educational needs) child, who you would like to support as best you can.

Katie has built up a large and loyal social media following sharing her highs and lows of motherhood and behind the scenes of her successful education and mental health company.  She is brutally honest at times about how hard parenthood is.  Katie lives in North Yorkshire with her husband, Beetle and four children, Sebastian (Bass), Harry, Alice and Freddie and you can find her on Facebook /katiesclassroom) and Instagram (@katiesclassroom). 

Katie has recently created a Facebook Group called 'Katie's Classroom - Honest Parent Chat', which she would love you to join her in.